Print register control system Freezingeye

Print register control system Freezingeye


Print register control system Freezingeye: by reading the mark or the images, it helps the operator, to control the register on the printing machines.

  • Economic
  • Easy installation compact size
  • Easy to use
  • Made in Italy and CE Certified

FREEZINGEYE is furnished READY FOR USE and includes:

  • Equipment for the anchoring of Freezingeye to the machine
  • Photocell magnetic or optical sensor
  • Camera equipped with powerful diodes, capable of “FREEZING” the picture
  • PC with colour monitor where you can see the details of the print enlarged (software included).

“FREEZINGEYE” is the ideal solution for controlling the register of printing units during colour on colour production on any type of machine.



The new FREEZINGEYE video inspection system stands out for its ease of installation, ease of use and for the very competitive price compared to other systems on the market. There are also these two options available:

  • Double version with double camera to read front and back
  • W version with special camera able to show on video, printing with ink of WOOD, therefore, allowing the register setting