Made in Italy, since 1972, in Paderno Dugnano, Milano


In 1972, Vittoriano De Rossi began his activities as a craftsman engaged in turning, milling and boring. In 1980, together with other colleagues he participated in the founding of the Milanese Consortium of Production Craftsmen called CO.M.AR.P.
With a focus on production and sales development, through a dynamic combination of traditional mechanics and new technologies, the company also specialized in the study, design and construction of machines, addressing a particular type of market in the 1980s, the printing market, refining their skills in producing systems and equipment for rotary machines that print labels.
Constantly striving towards product quality improvement has enabled the company to maintain the basic principles that underpin its business philosophy: updating and renewal.


The more than 35 years’ experience of the De Rossi Vittoriano company in designing and manufacturing of special systems and units for rotary machines for printing labels, such as flexographic printing units, hot and cold stamping systems, laminating and coating units and systems suitable to be installed on existing machines, have led the company from Paderno Dugnano to offer its customers a wide range of solutions able to ensure added value to printed matter. In addition to sales, De Rossi Vittoriano Srl also ensures timely assistance at a national and international level; it is also one of the few companies able to offer its know-how to provide solutions and solve problems relating to mechanics, electronics, spare parts and so on, with very short timeframes.
The company relies on a team of highly qualified employees, still coordinated by Vittoriano De Rossi who also relies on the precious collaboration of his son and daughter.



The De Rossi Vittoriano company has always had a strong commitment to customer care and our dedication allows us to focus on each customer and job, in fact, our mission is just to satisfy the customer in all respects:

  • CUSTOM PROCESSING, designed according to customer needs;
  • ASSISTANCE: INSTALLATION AND TRAINING, but also over time, with the intention to establish a lasting relationship;
  • 12 MONTHS GUARANTEE, on our units and machines;
  • ENGINEERING CONSULTING, if needed, thanks to our engineer Ivan De Rossi who is specialized in problem solving related to the world of printing machines and more.


The De Rossi Vittoriano srl company considers sustainability as one of its basic principles. Precisely for this reason, all processing waste is disposed of by specialized companies. We have followed a path of constant innovation towards green choices such as the replacement of the old heating system with a condensing boiler unit in order to obtain better energy efficiency and reduce environmental impact and also the complete refurbishment of the roof with the creation of large light openings and a new system of coolers to improve working conditions in the factory.