Longitudinal slitting unit

Longitudinal slitting unit – for labels sector, converting sector and more


Our longitudinal slitting unit can make full cut, kiss cut and precut.

The device cuts the silicon side that is rewound or conveyed with the scrap; this gives us two big advantages:

  • The scrap is very reinforced and, therefore, the speed of the machine increases greatly (usually, speed limitation is given precisely by the scrap that tends to break);
  • You no longer have to take care of trimmings on the control table with consequent loss of time and considerable amounts to be disposed of.



Our cutting unit for printing machines can also be used for:

  • Cutting the various materials in strips;
  • Creating half cuts (ring-pulls).

Built with premium materials that ensure long life to the blades and the counter cylinder.

The unit has precision adjustment of the blade holders with blade anti-breakage systems.

It can be easily installed on any machine up to a width of 1000 mm.



2020: Our new longitudinal slitting unit


Even more resistant and precise than our classic longitudinal slitting unit.
The use of additional components permits a more accurate movement and positioning of the blade holders.
Moreover, we provide an easier anchoring system for the installation of the unit to your existing machine.