Flexo unit

Flexo unit for printing/varnishing


The flexo unit for printing/varnishing is one of our most required groups, in Italy and abroad, because of its precision, speed and adaptability on flexographic printing machines for labels and on very different kinds of rotary machines. De Rossi Vittoriano Srl from 1972 onwards has chosen a pathway of self-improvement in the printing sector, especially for the labels, searching for the best way to print at high speed and high precision and finding it in the flexographic technology. Over time, our flexo units have been modified to become as more versatile and compatible as possible with our customers’ needs, creating different units as for examples Miniflexo, Flexo Evolution and Flexo New Generation.


Flexographic unit for printing and varnishing


Miniflexo unit


Flexo Evolution


Flexo unit on inspection machine


Flexo unit for cleanroom


2 opposite flexo units


Flexo front / back printing (double sided printing)


Flexo printing on adhesive