Multilayer labels system

Multilayer labels system


Multilayer labels system (coupons, booklets, etc.): it can be installed on any type of printing machine. It is easy and intuitive to use, moreover, it allows to complete the labels in line thus eliminating waste of time and scrap.


  • Speed of operation up to 100 m/min
  • For labels with two to five layers
  • Very competitive cost
  • Custom configuration


The multilayer label system consists of:

  • Cutting system of high precision and reliability
  • Tilter units with easy, precision adjustment to make the job repeatable and simple
  • Precision register system which guarantees the exact position between the layers,
  • Available on request, “cassette” system for fast engagement-disengagement


Multilayer labels system



Double reel multilayer system

This system couples, in register, a previously printed reel with your currently printed one.

The register control system and 2 photocells keep the synchronism, by reading 2 marks on the reels (one mark on each reel).

System composed by: motorized unwinder and rewinder, nip roll with independent micro-regulations.