COMPLETA modular machine for custom jobs

COMPLETA modular machine for custom jobs


Completa modular machine for custom jobs is customized, flexible and precise; is the summa of the skills and experience gained in special printing and converting processes and from the continuous dialogue that De Rossi Vittoriano Srl entertains with those working on rotary machines. It arises from the need to adapt the production machine to jobs that are ever more fragmented and different from each other; its “completeness” derives from the fact that multiple units can be inserted and positioned according to the work to be performed. Completa can be certified for INDUSTRY 4.0


Completa 350 modular machine for custom jobs


2 examples :


Completa machine for die cutting and printing - De Rossi Vittoriano Srl

Completa machine width 350
die cut and print on pre printed material

  • Register control system for printing on pre printed materials
  • Confetti removal and control
  • 3 die cutting units and 1 flexo unit
  • Reel to reel, reel to sheet, and reel to mat for numbered packets
  • Possibility to save and load units settings

    Completa machine for couples and slitting double adhesives - De Rossi Vittoriano Srl

    Completa machine width 600
    for couples and slitting double adhesives

  • High-precision material tension and pull control system
  • Very precise slitting unit
  • 8 unwinder and rewinder electronics and pneumatics
  • Possbility to insert 2 slitting units to create 12 mm width reels
  • Possibility to save and load units settings


    Completa main functions:



    Independent motorization, the unit enables register printing and overprint on pre-printed material. It adapts automatically to the speed and acceleration of the machine and follows any pitch, keeping the register even without reference notches.


    Rotary die cutting unit extremely versatile and easy-to-use, with independent motorization. It is possible to employ magnetic cylinder with flexible dies/solid rotary dies. This includes the possibility to study a dedicated laser cutting / die cutting system.


    From multi-layer systems to cold and hot foil printing, from printing on the back and on adhesives to lamination systems, the study and devising of innovative customer dedicated projects is at the basis of the company’s daily work.


    Systems for lamination and handling of materials that cannot be crushed, bent or excessively lengthened. Systems for the control of paper tension, with electrostatic mats, independent rewinders – unwinders and a lot more…


    Some advantages of Completa 


    In addition to the variety of doable jobs, Completa has been studied in order to lower the costs of future adding of units.
    The complete customization of the machine permits to devised it together with the customer and to based it on his particular needs but it is also granted the chance to modifiy it in a second moment and insert new units to perform other jobs.

    Thanks to the “recipe” system, it is possible to save all jobs settings (paper tension control, corrections of the register etc.) and use them later in the event of repeating of the same job. The machine is also set up to communicate with the company system, providing various information on work in progress: what is being produced, the average production speed, number and duration of the stops, the quantity produced and the amount of time required to finish the job at that speed.


    On Completa can be installed up to 12 units simultaneously, such as:

    • Flexo printing varnishing,
    • Die cutting (also Laser)
    • Longitudinal cut (or perforation)
    • Finishing systems (such as cold and hot foil and multilayer)
    • Different materials’ coupling systems
    • Lamination
    • Independent unwinder/rewinder
    • Electrostatic mat conveyor for paper tensioning control
    • Inkjet heads
    • And much more…