Custom rotary machines manufacturing

Custom rotary machines manufacturing for printing and die cutting

Custom rotary machines manufacturing for printing and die cutting - De Rossi Vittoriano Srl

custom printing machines and equipment for labels

Custom rotary machines manufacturing: De Rossi Vittoriano srl thanks to Ivan De Rossi, Mechanical Engineer, and a team of work built in many years, keeps accepting challenges in the projecting of special machines for die cutting and printing.

The many years’ experience in engineering, in problem solving, in design and analysis of machines and their components (using advanced IT tools), has given to De Rossi Vittoriano srl a considerable experience and expertise in consulting, engineering and manufacturing of printing machines and equipment for labelling, in our factory in Paderno Dugnano (MI). The manufacture of custom flexographic machines and our unique problem solving permitted us to collaborate with many customers in Italy and abroad, letting us be known by a great number of actors of the label sector (from flexography to digital, due to the printing equipment such as cutting units and video inspection systems that can be mounted on different machines).

  • Advanced technological solutions for the printing industry
  • Design and manufacturing of custom printing machines and rotary machines (for ex. die cutting machines)
  • Static and dynamic analysis (problems related to vibrations) of machines or components
  • Dimensioning and testing of parts and components for durability/breaking point/strain
  • Feasibility studies of parts, components and complete machines

De Rossi Vittoriano srl designs and manufactures modular machines in which it is possible to install equipment and units in a second moment; this decision grants our customer the possibility to consider modification in different moment and reduces costs.

Our rotary machines are compact and fast (even over 200 mt/min) and can be made for different sector, from priniting machines (flexography, ink-jet, ecc.) to die cutting machines, usually inventing new experimental solutions never done before, but caring particularly of the tension adjustment, with different systems as for example electrostatic mats.





Laser 300 

Laser die cutting of difficult-to-cut materials (double sided adhesive tapes and much more)


Die cutting, flexo printing, materials coupling, and much more…